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As freight brokers, we pride ourselves in offering one of the best digital technology systems offered for logistics, which allows us to vet carriers to be able to offer the safest and most reliable motor carriers to transport your shipments. It provides a personal connection with shippers and allows us to communicate in real time.

Once your shipment is scheduled and in transit it is tracked and monitored through the whole transport system using our updated technology.

The TMS system we have incorporated has a Customer Portal that allows our customers to have complete visibility of their freight. It’s a secure piece of technology where our customers can create and manage orders, track and trace shipments, and share documents with us.  

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Our company is based on service and value, making our #1 focus to win together with our partners. We aim to provide the perfect freight solution to meet your shipment needs. Affordability and reliability are crucial when selecting a transportation provider, so we proudly offer various vehicles to meet your specific requirements - local or long-distance hauls. We will work closely with our customers to customize their needs, as our agents are always happy and willing to assist.

Federal Contracting Procurement Officers: Please visit my FEDLINKS profile

  • Flatbed, Drop Deck, StepDeck, LowBoy                                                  

  • Specialized Equipment - Heavy Equipment Transport, Tanker, Hazmat, Non-Hazmat, Bulk

  • Dry Van, Refrigerated Unit

  • Full Truck Load

  • Straight Truck, Cargo Van, Box truck

  • Dump Truck


Competitive Rates

Emergency Support

FTL Services

Dispatching for Owner-Operators

Fast Response Time 

Cost control within Lanes & Price Consistency throughout Lanes 

Efficient management through innovative TMS technology

Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Understanding the difference between a freight broker and a dispatching service. 


Let's clarify the difference between a freight broker and a dispatching service. For one, a freight broker is licensed by the FMCSA and arranges freight between the shipper and carrier; the broker handles the billing transactions, invoices the shipper, and pays the carrier at an agreed rate. The licensed broker can also dispatch for an owner-operator and a motor carrier.  


Unregistered dispatch services are not licensed by the FMCSA and are only a service that finds loads for the motor carrier or owner-operator; they do not tender, invoice, or do back office work for the carrier or owner-operator. A dispatch service also charges a fee between 5-10%. Some dispatch services do not have a contract with you, red flag! Brokers do, which is a Broker/Carrier agreement. Understand that a motor carrier or owner-operator needs to ask the right questions to the dispatch service; if they are legally working under a licensed Freight Broker, ask them to provide an insurance certificate and operating authority through the FMCSA.


Also, be aware of motor carriers offering dispatching services to help find loads but are not being transparent in the rate they are charging you or the broker; make sure they share the rate confirmation with you, what they negotiated the rate for, and they should not do the invoicing for you (factoring), these individuals dispatch your truck under their authority as if your car is theirs, be aware and ask the appropriate questions as stated above.


We are a women owned and operated company and have been in the transportation industry for 20+ years. Owning 2 semi trucks, we started in the household goods industry and moved to being motor carriers. We understand the complexity of moving freight, providing on time service and hearing the customer says “wow you made good time and freight arrived onetime no damage.” Our biggest priority is building and maintaining a board and diverse customer base, we understand the importance of building a strong relationship and reputation within the industry.

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Jennifer Gilmore Bio Pic.jpeg

Jennifer Gilmore
Founder/Owner - KAVA Logistics 

Jennifer Gilmore is a dynamic leader and operations executive with over 15 years of experience in logistics management, supply chain, and procurement in the transportation industry.

Currently serving as the Founder of Kava Logistics, Jennifer established all operations of the women-owned and operated freight brokerage, which acts as an intermediary between shippers and carriers. With a finger on the pulse of high-quality service, Jennifer and the team at Kava Logistics understand the importance and complexity of moving freight while maintaining timelines and product quality.

With Kava Logistics offering one of the best digital technology systems for logistics, Jennifer ensures that all carriers are vetted and qualified to provide only the safest and most reliable motor carriers to transport customers’ shipments. 

In addition to her breadth of experience, Jennifer is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at DeVry University. 

Outside of work, Jennifer is a proud mother of three daughters, with the oldest holding a degree in business marketing from Georgia State University, the middle is pursuing a degree in graphic design at The Savannah College of Art and Design, and the youngest is pursuing a degree in psychology at Georgia State University. 




I am altruistic, kind, and eager to help a good cause. I place great importance on empathy, social harmony, and cooperation. A strong management background assures me to be even-tempered, resistant to stress, and adaptable to opportunities. 

Asia Gilmore Bio PIc.jpeg


Asia Gilmore
Administrative Assistant, KAVA Logistics 

I am a daughter, a spiritual learner.  I have a vision for a better fair world, a psychology bachelors degree college student.  

Alexis Gilmore Bio Pic.jpeg

Alexis Gilmore
Marketing Manager, KAVA Logistics

I’m passionate about solving small brands (they have voices, too) and big brands' problems with odd solutions. I go against the norm to uncover the possibilities, discover new perspectives, and make the unseen feel seen. I work with fortune 500 companies to build brand awareness and generate a return on investment through digital advertising. In my free time, I like to travel and explore different cultures. 

Ariyana Gilmore Bio Pic.jpeg


Ariyana Gilmore

Creative Designer, KAVA Logistics 


I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my artistic pursuits, integrating a fine art background with design studies and illustration. My current areas of interest and exploration are my inner intuition taping into the universal energy, human-centered design, and branding. 

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